Vanessa Moriel, MD Asia, Human Capital Partners (Centre), speaking during the panel discussion on Talent Management and Development in the Age of New Technology Vehicles. From left to right: Mr. Thomas Dobrowsky, Project Manager FUHU Powertrain Academy, FUHU (Shenyang) Automotive Powertrain R&D Co., Ltd.; Mr. Marcus Klapdor, Manager, CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG; Vanessa Moriel, MD Asia, Human Capital Partners; Dr. Niels Bosse, Senior Director of HR and Administration, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd.; and Mr. Joerg Heil, General Manager, Hartung:consult.

Beijing, China,  August 25, 2015

Talent Management and Development for New Technology Vehicles Takes Center Stage at the August Edition of the Automotive Roundtable.. Summary: Human Capital […]

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