Our process

At HCP, we bring our executive search assignments to completion by applying a simple, but strict procedure that uses a professional and experienced approach to ensure each step is carried out successfully.

Client Orientation
We believe that understanding a company’s needs, expectations and DNA are the foundations upon which a successful executive search is built. In order to achieve a successful placement, it is important that we first review the company’s current and future business situation, market position, its management culture and leadership needs. The first meeting between our managing partner and the hiring manager will focus on identifying the position’s requirements and pinpointing the core competencies considered necessary in the successful candidate. By plainly defining the ideal candidate’s precise skill set and relevant experience, we can target our search to achieve maximum efficiency and increase the chances of a lasting placement. To ensure the utmost quality of service to our customers, a clear process and methodology will be agreed upon and followed throughout the course of the search.

Project Deployment 
Every project is headed by a managing partner who follows-up on the initial meeting by thoroughly briefing the recruitment team on the details of the specific project. Using the information gained from years of experience, we then design an action plan that is appropriate for the client’s needs. By clearly outlining the responsibilities of different team members and setting clear deadlines in the project schedule, we ensure that the our search extends the appropriate coverage and meets the deadline.

We then begin our extensive research process, whereby we identify candidates who are qualified for the particular position. Our calling list is based upon information that we have gathered from the client’s briefing, our research, the company’s direct competitors and our knowledge of the Automotive and Industrial sectors based on years of experience conducting Retained Executive Searches in the Chinese and Asian market. To keep clients informed of any developments, daily updates are prepared by the consultant in charge, while weekly updates will be provided by our managing partner.

Two weeks into the search process, we will organize a calibration session, to ensure that we have correctly interpreted our client’s needs and demands. In this face-to-face meeting, our managing partner and the hiring manager will discuss the ongoing search and review a series of pre-selected applicants to identify the ideal candidate’s profile. The main objective of this meeting is to substantiate the general direction of our search, allowing room for any change that is necessary to the complete fulfillment of our task on time. It is important to note that by this point, applicants still haven’t been interviewed.

Candidate Assessment
Once a slew of candidates have been contacted, candidates who meet the requirements of the position will be invited to a face-to-face meeting in our office. Our consultants are trained to present the job opportunity in all of its nuances, carefully explaining the responsibilities and challenges of the position. Our consultants can also answer any concern, or questions the candidate may have about the position and the organization. By carefully presenting the information, we ensure that both parties can begin their relationship from a common start-point improving the chances of a long-lasting, productive cooperation.

So as to ensure the proper assessment of a candidate’s professional abilities, we evaluate the prospective recruit using a competence based interview, as well as a series of pre-selected case studies designed to test the candidate’s suitability to the specific position. We are also certified in the use of a number of psychological tools used to evaluate a candidate’s mental strengths and weaknesses. Our assessment of the candidate will also include complete validation of all documents, information, resumes, educational diplomas, compensation packages and a reference check.

Candidate Introduction
To assist our client in their selection process, we provide them with a comparison table that provides a clear, concise picture of the different candidates up for consideration. Allowing a fair and equal review of every candidate is, in our view, a very important aspect at this stage of the selection process, this is why we provide information on the same skill sets for every candidate allowing our clients to fully compare candidates, and thus make a knowledgeable and informed decision. 

Candidate Interviews 
Once data for the first round of interviews has been reviewed, we coordinate with both sides to ensure that all interview arrangements are properly handled for the interviews. After all the interviews have been completed, we gather feedback from all parties and relay their impressions for further consideration. The final round(s) of interviews with the selected finalist usually involves a trip to the company’s HQ; we will provide the candidate with assistance for the visa application process and other logistical details. 

Converting mutual interest into an actual working agreement is the most critical aspect of the hiring process and, as such, we assist both sides throughout these difficult negotiations. At this stage in the process, our long experience and knowledge of the region can help us sensitize both parties to the realities of the market so that realistic expectations are created. We understand the subtleties of negotiations and can help alleviate any misunderstanding or conflict that could occur in the course of this process. We always aim to achieve a fair negotiation between our clients and candidates. This is why we emphasis our position as a neutral mediator, so as to ensure a negotiation that is based on the nature of the job, the candidate’s background and the market situation. It is in our interest to strike a mutually favorable deal; we do not pursue a policy of short-term gains over long-term relationships. 

Follow up
Our responsibilities do not stop once a placement has been made, but extends to ensuring that both parties are fulfilling their responsibilities to each other once the contract has been signed and work has begun. We usually call within the first week of on-boarding to make sure that both clients and candidates are satisfied with each other, that the transition went over smoothly, and that all commitments are being respected. Big problems can arise from little mistakes or confusions; this is why we take quick action to resolve any misunderstandings. Our privileged position allows us to relay messages between the two parties, and experience has shown us that a little positive feedback can sometimes make the difference between an uncertain and a confident, forward thinking executive. We further contact both parties at regular intervals to ensure that everyone is satisfied and that there are no signs of dissatisfaction on either side. By thus sealing the relationship, we increase the chances of making a highly successful, productive and enjoyable placement for both parties.

Our company does not rely on big marketing campaigns or a large sales team. We have always been a 100% committed to the value of our clients’ and candidates’ referrals as they are fully aware of the high quality results that we have constantly been providing in each and every one of our projects.