Vanessa Moriel Speaks at the 4th Annual Global Automotive Forum in Wuhan

Wuhan,  October 17th –18th, 2013


The 4th Annual Global Automotive Forum was held at the East Lake International Conference Center in Wuhan on October 17 and 18, 2013. This year’s edition dealt was titled “The Future Development of the Automotive Industry: Target, Strategy, Implementation.”

HCP’s Asia MD, Vanessa Moriel, had the chance to speak as part of a panel on “Attracting, retaining and nurturing global talent.” The panel, which revolved around the human resource aspect of Chinese automotive company’s internationalization.

Vanessa took this opportunity to speak of the rising demand for international executives in Chinese automotive companies over the past few years. While this trend was initially limited to private Chinese automotive companies, it has now spread to SOEs. The demand for international executives has been especially acute for product categories such as powertrains, connectivity, infotainment and mobility. Demand is particularly strong with T1 suppliers. The demand for international talents has been different in purely Chinese companies and companies that have emerged as the result of Chinese automotive M&A activity. Companies active in Chinese M&A activity have gone beyond the typical technical positions for international talent, they have also searched for functions such as CFOs, Investor Relations Specialists, and Senior Advisors.

Vanessa also highlighted the differences between Chinese private automotive companies and Chinese automotive SOEs. Whereas Chinese private automotive companies are much more flexible in terms of payments and package.

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