Automotive Mobile

The automotive mobile search market has been radically transformed by the number of new cars now equipped with factory-fitted mobile connectivity technology. These solutions connect the car with the owner’s mobile phone to provide Internet connectivity and related features.

To reach their full potential in the automotive mobile market, automotive T1 suppliers and OEMs need to work closely with the mobile industry to deliver intuitive, secure, interoperable and scalable connected experiences. Executive leaders need to work across their industries to create innovative solutions to complex challenges. Additionally, for automotive companies to become market leaders, they will need to identify and recruit automotive mobile executives that can lead the way in amalgamating working practices, cultures and strategic visions across differing industries.

The emergence of key, strategic executive positions in automotive mobile solutions is also extremely important in China and Asia, where widespread consumer adoption of new technologies, combined with the clout of Chinese internet giants and generous government support, ensures that these new technologies will be rapidly commercialized. For experts in the field of automotive mobile solutions, markets such as China offer huge opportunities to shape the future of automotive mobility.

With deep roots in the Chinese market, Human Capital Partners (HCP) spends time getting to know the companies, teams and candidates that we represent to understand their specific recruitment needs. With rising demand for automotive mobile solutions experts and other ‘Connected Car’ experts, we have grown and developed our network of executive talents in this area. These efforts have allowed us to regularly place automotive mobile solutions executives in key leadership positions across the world and, therefore, enable our clients to achieve their strategic objectives.