Succession & Pipeline Planning

Automotive Sector: Succession & Pipeline Planning

What could be more important to an organisation’s long term prosperity than the choice and cultivation of its leaders? Succession planning is critical for organisational stability. Having a succession planning strategy in place reduces risk, reduces recruitment costs, maintains momentum and minimises the impact when a senior executive moves on. Human Capital Partners understand this and have worked hard to create a system that ensures that executives have the right skills, experience and aspirations for the role in question, whether they are an internal or external candidate. To achieve this, we take on the role of your succession and pipeline planning partner.

Leadership failures can become costly and embarrassing to everyone concerned and the potential costs can be enormous; wasted and duplicated recruiting fees, un-met business objectives, distracted colleagues and unfocused and unproductive employees. Recruiting a new leader can be a potential minefield! With this in mind and with limited and inexperienced resources, why leave such an important aspect of your business open to potential failure? With any other aspect of your business, you will have considered the fact that hiring an industry-specific professional will surpass what can be achieved within your own organisation and is a critical tool for success.

The first stage of our involvement consists of a talent pipeline review, which takes place up to 24 months in advance. As part of this process, we identify vacancies that will become available in that period and match them with HIGH POTENTIAL candidates from within the organisation and externally. We refer to this process as a role-specific Market Scan. Conducting internal succession planning and having a talent pool of executives (many of whom we have worked with for many years) enables Human Capital Partners to stay ahead of the market, ensuring unparalleled insight and a plethora of successful role placements.

Once we have identified a number of HIGH POTENTIAL candidates, we seek to learn about each candidate’s background, general intelligence, motivations, competencies and personality. We gather references and conduct face to face interviews to ensure that we know and understand each candidate, which in turn will help them to get the most from their position. Our in-depth and often technical knowledge of the automotive industry is also a key factor to our success. There is no other global company that can provide the same amount of insight and skill in this area.

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