Connectivity search is being driven by the emergence of the connected car. Automotive T1 suppliers and OEMs are now experiencing fundamental market changes due to new technology players entering and transforming the competitive landscape, forcing traditional automotive companies to react quickly in the face of evolving technological trends.

The emergence of new ideas and technologies creates a huge opportunity for shrewd automotive industry players to create a competitive advantage, which can be lucratively exploited in large emerging markets such as China.

Connectivity executives (often referred to as connected car executives) and the integration of these skilled individuals into established automotive industry structures is now a key objective for automotive companies.  Connectivity search and the ability to identify executives that possess the necessary attributes to take organisations to the next level is particularly challenging for automotive companies.

As an automotive search company with expertise in connectivity, Human Capital Partners (HCP) has the strong presence in the growing Chinese and Asian markets necessary to identify and recruit the ‘right’ automotive executives that can make a clear difference for our client’s bottom-line. Connectivity recruitment is fast becoming a central aspect of automotive company’s strategy for success, and ensuring that key roles such as ‘Head of Connectivity’ and ‘Director of Connectivity’ are filled with inspiring, technologically-savvy leaders will ensure the longevity and future success of our automotive clients.