Leadership Competency Modelling

Automotive Sector: Leadership Competency Modelling

The Leadership Competency Model incorporates four broad areas:

  • Leadership
  • Business knowledge and organisational acumen
  • Cultural relationships and communication
  • Self management and development

Every executive that Human Capital Partners work with will undergo an extensive interview to understand their experience and aspirations in each of the areas outlined above. The results will determine the candidate’s suitability for a particular role and their potential fit within an organization.

Human Capital Partners understand that designing effective leadership development programmes requires a deep understanding of what leadership means within a particular organisation. Our rich experience within the automotive industry allows us to work as trusted partners to our clients, defining and developing leadership requirements, defining career paths and clarifying how leadership duties change across organizational levels.

It is essential that we continue to build our reputation as an exceptional and experienced provider of high quality candidates to the automotive sector and to achieve this, we have developed a proprietary modelling system which is based on research and industry knowledge. No other executive search provider has this capability and as a result, Human Capital Partners are the fastest growing executive search firm in the world.

If you would like to know more about our automotive leadership competency model simply get in touch today and chat to one of our expert consultants about your business requirements.