Infotainment search is being driven by a significant global increase in the number of cars equipped with factory fitted mobile connectivity features designed to improve the driving experience for consumers in terms of safety, security, navigation and infotainment.

Deployment of smartphone connectivity and integration systems, infotainment services will now provide features such as news, weather, music streaming and social media to automotive drivers and passengers. As these technologies develop, a new wave of infotainment executive positions will need to be filled within the automotive industry.

Infotainment executives who understand and have experience in the development and distribution of infotainment products on a global basis will be essential for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers wishing to remain at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry. These executives will also need to develop and apply strategies that take existing automotive brands and traditions into account, all the while incorporating new technologies and business models, as well as accurate, future predictions relating to how the industry is transforming.

Infotainment executives will require flexibility and the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions. The convergence of the automotive and infotainment industries also presents huge opportunities in emerging countries such as China where the automotive market is growing in symbiosis with the rapid adoption of mobile technology.

Human Capital Partners (HCP) is at the forefront of the developing infotainment search market. We understand the need for our existing automotive customers to identify and develop talent in the infotainment market, and we have already identified and nurtured a talent pool of infotainment executives to assist with this transition. Our automotive expertise allows us to identify candidates with the rights skills to grow and develop our client’s infotainment division or department. Meanwhile our in-depth understanding of local market conditions will ensure that premier talents are offered the proper packages and incentives to join our client’s organization, giving them a major advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.