Ligang Yao, Head of Talent Management Asia

For close to two decades, Ligang Yao has been working with multinational companies to evaluate, develop and acquire leading talents. His long career in a number of HR functions has familiarised him with the needs of technologically advanced companies operating in China and the Asia-Pacific, while also teaching him how to bridge the cultural challenges of multinationals operating in the region. Ligang’s experiences have brought him in close contact with all aspects of the HR profession in China, helping him gain a keen expertise on the keys for successful talent development, evaluation and retention. Ligang also has rich experience in succession planning and HIPO identification and development.

Prior to joining Human Capital Partners, Ligang worked for Metso Paper for a decade, serving as Operational Excellence Director, China HR Business Partner and Country HR Manager. With responsibilities for China’s entire HR management and development structure for all Chinese business units, he focused on long-term resource and competence planning for top management, identified and executed talent management strategies, and supported company change and restructuring by defining strategic needs and managing compensation. His experience there has given him a deep understanding of all aspects of the Chinese HR practice.

Ligang had previously worked with UT-System Technologies and Aptar Dispensing Systems where he built-up the HR teams, developed a performance management program and perfected incentive systems.

Additionally, Ligang also possesses skills and experience in company operations, such as: quality, continuous development and HSE (health, safety and environment), helping him understand the business and operations more from different perspective . Ligang has solid experiences in mergers & acquisitions, internal integration projects and building HR teams from the ground up.

Ligang holds a master’s in International Business from the Groupe École Supérieure de Commerce de Grenoble, France.



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