Vanessa Moriel, MD Asia & Founder


Vanessa Moriel is a global citizen whose views on cultures and global business practices have been greatly influenced by her engineering education & work experiences. Vanessa has a unique set of experiences which saw her study in Mexico, Canada, Switzerland and Germany; and work in Germany, the UK, Mexico, and across South America for various industries before beginning her career in executive search in Shanghai and Hong Kong in the early 2000’s. She has built her career around understanding the local Chinese business environment and bridging the gap that exists with foreign businesses operating in China.

Since her early days conducting executive searches in China, Vanessa has emphasized leaving the glitzy Shanghai and Hong Kong skyscrapers in order to shuttle back-and-forth between Chinese manufacturing cities and overseas headquarters, therefore getting a complete overview of her customer’s business culture so as to better be able to support them and advise them concerning the on-the-ground reality in China.

Vanessa founded Human Capital Partners (HCP) in 2004. HCP has focused on combining industry specific expertise with professional executive search methodology, in the process acquiring a strong reputation for outstanding deliverables. As the Automotive & Industrial sectors has expanded beyond the first tier cities across China, HCP has grown to service clients through 13 offices across China and the region.

Before founding HCP, Vanessa was the Head of Executive Search for China with Fiducia Management Consultants where she built, recruited, trained and grew the China team.

Over her career, Vanessa has gained the technical and business knowledge that allow her to understand the complexities of the Automotive & Industrial sectors. She previously worked as a consultant in South America with the London Consulting Group, getting hands-on experience with the whole range of activities in B-to-B and B-to-C companies: from sourcing, manufacturing, and quality systems; to engineering, supply chain and sales. Vanessa also worked as a Project Engineer for Schlumberger Germany and as a Financial Analyst with Fritolay (Pepsico) in Mexico. These experiences have given the insights to understand the intricacies of technologically advanced engineering projects and complicated business operations reaching across borders.

Vanessa Moriel Studied Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Technology and Superior Studies of Monterrey. She is fluent in German, Spanish and English.

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